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These 100% natural bar soaps are available for $5 ea or a box of 3 for $12. 

You won't believe how soft you skin feels after washing with this body soap. Each bar starts with a blend of hydrating Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. We then add natural scent oils for a more luxurious experience!

It is also great for use on babies.

There are 5 available scent options:

  1.  Oatmeal: This is an unscented bar and we have added soothing oatmeal for sensitive skin.
  2.  Lemongrass: Scented with spirited lemongrass.
  3.  Mint: Scented with mint and peppermint essential oils to invigorate and refresh.
  4.  Tangerine: A bright, uplifting blend. (sold out)
  5. Lavender: Light, relaxing scent of lavender essential oil.


Box of 3 ordering options: Sets of 3 bars will be packed up in a gift box. Please specify which 3 bars you would like in the notes section in the cart. It can be three of one kind or a blend. If no scents are specified with the order we will select three for you.

  Free shipping on orders over $100 in the USA.
  We guarantee you love this product or your money back.
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Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Aqua, Glycerin.

*Scented versions contain natural essential oils. The Oatmeal Bar contains oatmeal pieces. The Mint Bar contains pieces of mint leaves.

100% Natural

Rehydrate the enclosed loofah slice so that it puffs up. Rest your soap on it between uses so it can dry completely to last as long as possible.

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