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Not sure about you, but we are SO excited for spring at the Consonant headquarters in Toronto. As the warm weather starts to approach, we can't help ourselves but get excited for local veggies, farmers markets, and some natural Vitamin D! To give us some inspiration, we asked our friends at Wellspace Co. to share some of their tips for transitioning your eating habits to the new season! 


Our bodies are incredibly intuitive. They know what we need in order to stay balanced, and rotating our diets based on the changing seasons is a great way to maintain this balance. I’m sure we can all agree that during winter we crave heavier, more warming foods (lots of protein, fat and starchy vegetables) to counter the cold weather. And then with the shift to spring, we typically find ourselves gravitating towards lighter, cooler foods, no longer needing as much heat, or heaviness to keep us warm while we hibernate. But don’t worry, eating for the seasons doesn’t necessarily mean a complete diet overhaul every few months. Rather it simply involves listening to what your body is craving, and focusing on seasonal (and local if possible) foods that will help you feel balanced and energized.


As we shift into spring, it’s the perfect time to “spring clean” our diet. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is a time of renewal and an important time for us to support the liver. The liver is responsible for the detox process, which we can encourage by eating detoxifying foods like green leafy vegetables, along with other foods high in chlorophyll (gives food their green pigment and is an excellent detoxifier and antioxidant) like parsley, green beans, green peppers, brussels sprouts, green peas, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, green apples, melon, honeydew and kiwi. That means now’s the time to swap out those winter soups, stews and oatmeal, and trade them in for spring salads, fresh rolls and green smoothies.


Another great chlorophyll-rich option is matcha, which is also very high in antioxidants, and provides a feeling of calm alertness (nice alternative to coffee!). We love drinking our matcha as a cozy warm beverage, but this ingredient is super versatile in other recipes as well! Here are a couple ways that we like to consume our matcha: matcha-coconut fudge and matcha kombucha




Speaking of warm beverages, starting your day with hot or warm water and lemon will be a great habit to get into, as it also helps the body to detox and digest food better by encouraging the liver to produce bile (as it can sometimes become sluggish, particularly when making changes to the diet).


At the end of the day, our bodies crave diversity, and eating seasonally is the perfect solution. Not only will we feel better and more energized, but bonus, purchasing seasonal produce is a great way to help support biodiversity, lower our carbon footprint, and support local farmers.




About the author:

This post was written by Wellspace Co. - an online collaborative wellness community aimed at providing accessible, thoughtful and inspiring content. Their philosophy is that eating well and feeling good should be simple. So in order to keep it simple, they share advice, tips and recipes that you can actually use in your day-to-day life, along with new insights on health and wellness trends, and their favourite healthy restaurants and fitness spaces. For more inspo by Wellspace Co. check out their website and Instagram!

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