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You may have seen this on our Instagram stories lately; we have been incorporating Meatless Mondays into our office, and it’s been a hit! Each week each of us will bring a different meatless dish (salad, soup, warm dish, etc) and sit down for a meatless potluck. It has been something that we have grown to love for many reasons, including:

    1. It brings us closer together. Taking the time to get away from our laptops and prep a meal together really builds an office environment that we’ve grown to love. This habit has brought us closer together, and we are even able to learn new cooking skills and recipes from each other. 
    2. It changes up our eating habits. We are not all vegetarian or vegan, but we have come to the realization that you don’t have to eat meat for a meal to be substantial or taste good! We have learned to cook without meat, while still making meals that taste great, and have been able to take this skill back home with us!
    3. It implements healthier eating habits. There are many health benefits to eating less meat, and incorporating this habit has helped us eat more plant based foods. The myth that you can’t get enough protein from eating plants has definitely been debunked, and we can vouch for that. The meals we make are full of fibre, nutrient dense veggies, and a ton of plant based protein, to give us energy and make us feel great through out our work day.
    4. It decreases our carbon footprint. Less meat means less of an environmental impact, and lowers our carbon footprint for many reasons. The biggest reason is that raising plant crops to feed animals, to then feed humans, is not as efficient as directly eating the crops we grow. In addition, eating in a potluck setting prevents us from grabbing takeout, therefore reducing our waste from takeout boxes and plastic. 
    5. We are advocates of animal welfare. As Meatless Monday Canada mentions, for every person who cuts out meat for just one day a week, 58 animals will be spared. This weekly habit has made us more aware of animal cruelty prevention, even on the days that we still do eat meat. There are many ways that we can consume humane animal products, while being sustainable and organic. On the days that we are eating animal products, we like to choose organic brands such as EPIC and Beretta, as their organic practices are more sustainable and ethical. 
    6. It’s easier on the wallet! Eating plant based proteins is comparatively more economical than meat, as meat is about 4 times more expensive than plant protein per pound. 

Mixing in one meatless meal per week has endless benefits for everyone, which is why we are huge advocates for this at Consonant. Try implementing this at your work place, school, and home, to help conserve our environment while respecting animal welfare and your health. <3

Meatless Recipes:
We have gathered some of our favourite meatless recipes to share with you for inspo!
Are you experienced in cooking meatless? Comment below with some of your fave recipes! We'd love to hear :)

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